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June 19, 2013
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You pull your jacket closer to you, it was unnaturally cold out in the field of Ooo. Your skin was chilled all the way to the bone and you felt like you were going to die! You couldn't stand the cold which is why you always skipped out on ever passing through the ice kingdom. You stop for a moment, suddenly feeling even more cold than before, looking down you gasp; your feet were entirely encased in ice and the cold as quickly spreading through your whole body. A dark figure appeared before you, long snow white hair travelled in waves down her back, perfectly framing her face. She wore a dark blue gown and a menacing grin, you had to admit, she was beautiful. Her grin faded as she looked you up and down, studying you, "You're not a prince..." she said, sounding disappointed, "You aren't even a boy! Curses. Your short hair threw me off." She scoffed, you flung a hand up to your hair defensively, your short  (h/c) locks curled around your fingers, feeling warm on your cold hand.

"Who are you?" You asked her, sounding braver than you felt. Not that this woman necessarily intimidated you, but she did have you frozen to the ground.

"How could you  not know of the Ice Queen?!" She asked desperately.

"Ice Queen?" You look down, "That would explain the ice." You sigh, your feet and legs were now completely numb.

"Fionna! Look down there!" A voice said from above you. You look up, seeing a dark shadow against the sky.

The Ice Queen smiled again, “Ahh, there’s a prince! Been nice chatting, girl. Goodbye!” She floated up, but not before she snapped her fingers, fully encasing you in ice. You wanted to drop your jaw open in shock, but that was impossible. You saw the world through a cold, icy prison, feeling your conscience slipping away. The last thing you saw was a sliver of... pink?


When you woke up your whole body felt warm. Are you dead? Is this what being dead feels like? No, wait. You’re in pain. The dead don’t feel pain, right?
You pry an eye open and gasp in shock. The amount of pink in this room was absolutely ridiculous! You sit up quickly, but immediately regret it as you double over in pain.

“Whoa!” a voice said and you felt hands on your shoulders, slowly massaging them, “Careful, you’ll scronk up your head if you do that.”

You look up, jerking back a bit as you came nose to nose with a boy. His skin was tinted pink, his hair was a bright pink and all his clothes were shades of red, pink and purple. You almost double over again, this time with laughter. But you contained yourself and simply asked, “where am I?”

“You’re in the candy kingdom!” He said, taking a hand off your shoulder to make a sweeping arm motion around the room, “And I bet you’re dying to know who I am!”

Not really, you wanted to say, but instead you said, “Well, I would like know the name of the guy who actually saved me.”

“My name is Prince Gumball, ruler of Ooo’s Candy Kingdom!” He paused as he registered what you said, “But, I didn’t actually save you.”

You assumed he didn’t save you, he didn’t seem like the saving type. He seemed like the type to get kidnapped and have to get rescued by a girl or something, “Then who did?” You asked, curious to know the name of the person you probably owe your life to.

“Fionna,” His eyes got a distant look when he said her name, you were right. He does get saved by a girl, “She’s been by to see you everyday, she’ll be happy to know you’re finally awake.” He smiled.

“Wait,” you exclaim, “How many days have I been out?”

“Well, it took almost two days to get you out of that ice,” He put a hand on his chin in a thinking position, “About three days since that I think.”

“I’ve been out for five days?! Holy glob...”

The Prince smiled, “I know something that’ll make you feel better.” He said as he got up and left the room, leaving you alone in the pink room. Suddenly curious you look down to see what you’re wearing, hoping it’s not-- oh god. Your clothes are pink. You silently hope the Prince wasn’t the one who changed you. Then again,, you don’t think he would, he seems to respect you, and other people. Maybe it was Fionna? You decide it doesn’t matter.

       A while later the Prince returns, carrying a plate of-- were those cream puffs? “I baked these for you,” He exclaimed, shoving the plate right under your nose, “Try one!”

You gasp, they smelled delicious! The aroma of strawberries and cream and still warm dough swirled in the air. The smell itself was enough to make your mouth water. You carefully pick up one of the delicate puffs and bite into it. It was perfect. The dough was warm and sweet, sprinkled lightly with icing sugar, the cream felt smooth and cool in your mouth, strawberry flavour danced across your tongue. You moan, “This is just... ‘mazing... delicious, how did you... mmm.” You found  it impossible to form a coherent thought.

The Prince only laughed, “I’m glad you enjoy them. Eat as many as you want.”

You stuff cream puffs into your mouth, each one tasted better than the one before. You never realized how hungry you could be after not eating for five days in a row. The Prince chuckled at this before leaving and coming back with a glass of water, you drank it slow, letting the cold liquid flood over your tongue. “Thank you!” You exclaim, gasping for breath.

He smiled, “You are very welcome.”

“Gumball!!” Someone yelled, crashing into the room. She wore a blue shirt and blue skirt, a white hat with bunny ears allowed some blonde hair to escape. Her eyes widened as they saw you, “She’s awake!” You assume this girl is Fionna. Your assumption is confirmed when she introduces herself, “My name is Fionna, what’s yours?”

“I’m _____,” You tell them shyly. You outstretch a hand to shake with Fionna, but she pulls you into a tight hug, you grimace in pain.

The Prince noticed, “Fionna.” He warned, his voice was calm but strict.

Fionna pulled away quickly, “Oh! I’m so sorry, I forgot!” She frowned, “You live in Ooo, right? Where’s your house? I can take you back  if you want! We can ride on Cake!”
The Prince cleared his throat, “I do not believe she is well enough to leave just yet, she only just awoke from her slumber, much like a sleeping princess. For the time being, she will stay with me in the castle.” He announced.

A pink blush flourished on your face, “What? But I don’t want to be any trouble.” You protested.

“Trust me,” The Prince took your hand, “It would be an honour.” He brushed the back of your hand gingerly against his lips, blush exploded on your face. You notice his face has gone a brighter shade of pink as he smiled and left, leaving you and Fionna alone.

Fionna let out a long whistle, “he’s so into you.”
Hey guys! Haven't posted anything in a while... so here's a fanfic, cause I promised my friend I'd upload one. I've been drawing a whole bunch but I've been short on time to post anything due to finals and stuff, but I should be becoming more active again soon!!

Next: identicaldestruction.deviantar…
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Dark-Elf-Kingdom Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This is beautiful! But he rules in land of Aaa~
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I thought this meant gumball as on amazing world of gumball from the title...
SweetNColdHearts Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't they live in the land of Aaa instead of Ooo?
100neko Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
 my step dad walked in to see me fangirling in my Fionna hat. with this look on my face Fionna oooo 
venessa989 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
I am a Marshall girl but, I LOVE this!
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Oh my gosh, this actually exists! I thought, um...that I was the only Gumball fangirl. Yay...(reads)
PrincessBubba Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
I am loving this! *Shoves a creampuff in your face* Eat.
0rang3App3aL Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Pandasareadorable Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Where ever I go its ALWAYS MARSHALL! Its not that I don't like him... Its just that I have already read Marshall fics and I'm tired of it. I WANT GUMBALL!~ and if there is gumball its always a love triangle with Marshall.. So thank you for this :)
identicalDestruction Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
identicaldestruction.deviantar… hey there! The next chapter is out (;
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